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The Lyon’s Den in Winter by Whitney Blake

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Queen of Matchmaking is at it again! The Black Widow of Lyon’s Den has Londons most elite gambling hall, but one must be wary because they could end up engaged! Dr. Duncan Nielson made a losing wager and by the end of the night somehow finds himself at the mercy of Ms. Bessie Dove-Lyons the Black Widow herself! She needs a man for a friends daughter and has determined the good doctor a perfect fit.

Viola Black, a unorthodox young woman who keeps her playwriting a secret finds herself being thrust into a marital relationship that she had no clue was being arranged by her father. Her father has been keeping secrets from his daughter about his ties to the dark side of London and his daughter has been getting threats.

Duncan is not aware he will be faced with protecting his soon to be wife,! The author, Whitney Blake has done such a phenomenal job on the unfolding of the journey that this is truly a magnificent book! I didn’t think that the books could get any better, but the Lyon’s Den Series is only picking up speed on there delivery of exceptional excellence in characters and freshness of storylines!

I definitely would recommend this book to anyone!

I received an advanced copy from NetGalley and these are my willingly given thoughts and opinions.

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